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jeudi 4 octobre 2018

October news

The 2018 season has been and gone - and what a season, what weather and how many people? 
We have had a great season, only a handful of wet days throught the year and lots and lots of happy campers.  

We had some great events with Bruno, Virginie, Yann and others entertaining us on the long summer evenings.  

A few statistics from the past season: 

'You' consumed at the bar;
3,150 litres of 1664 beer
300 litres of Magners
835 litres of Gourmandiere wine 

You ordered from our boulangerie; 
5700 baguettes
7400 croissants
1500 pain au raisins

In total, 9,674 people arrived on site (some people came back several times!) Thank you. 


The blue sky continued to the end of September (and is still here now - 4 October).  

The site is now empty and almost put to bed for the winter. 

The big story over the coming months will be the work being carried out on the bridge at the end of the site.  The signs went up just before we closed to announce the reopening date (if all goes to plan!) - 15 June 2019.  

They did start on time and are currently removing and re-routing all the electric and telephone cables attached to the structure. 

We'll keep you informed of any significant changes.  

We intend to open on 23 MAY 2019 in time for the Whit holidays in the UK.  The closing date will be the last Sunday in September (29th).