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A friendly and welcoming atmosphere

In the heart of the Loire valley, the site is an ideal base for visiting the many chateaux, gardens and other tourist attractions in the area.

Enjoy the most beautiful chateau in the loire valley

The Chateau of Chenonceau is 1.5km downstream and is well worth a visit.

Enjoy the many attractions next to the campsite

Beauval zoo, Leonardo Da Vinci's house, hot air balloon flights, Chateau of Chenonceau, Amboise, Chambord... So many things to do !

The pool is really fun !

It’s deep so it’s good for practising diving and there’s a little pool to splash about in when you get tired.

Ideally located for this fascinating region

Stay at Le Moulin Fort to discover the land of chateaux, gardens and wine in the heart of France.

vendredi 2 octobre 2020

October - SITE CLOSED - season summary

"The season that never was"

2020 will be remembered for many things - all of them influenced in some way by a virus!  The season at Camping Le Moulin Fort is no exception. Our original opening date of 7 May was forgotten about very early on as we enjoyed the lock-down (confinement) with our girls safely at home.  

We were then 'allowed' to open on 2 June - but there were no clients and the borders were still closed - so we didn't open until 26 June when we had 3 families on site!  
July was fine and a good number of campers visited but still 40% fewer than in 2019 (which hadn't been a good July anyway!).  We saw some familiar friendly faces who were determined to have a holiday in the French coutryside. 

The first 2 weeks of August carried on this theme, still with fewer people than normal from all countries, we we're able to have our usual music or barbecue evenings, but everyone had a fine time and the weather was kind.  Then on 14 August the bubble burst on what had looked like a good September - "only essential travel to France allowed for the Brits" !!  All of our regular September visitors (and those that had postponed their June holiday) cancelled.  September was deathly quiet 65% down on 2019 - our bar/restaurant takings were down 88%! We were able to keep staff to a minimum and enjoyed the help of Sarah's Mum and Dad throughout the month. 

2019 had already been a mediocre year due to the very changeable weather and the uncertainty about Brexit.  So, although we can survive the winter any more instability in international travel in 2021 will have very serious consequences.  


lundi 7 septembre 2020


September is usually our favourite month as we get to calm down after the hectic summer and enjoy our regular customers and friends in a more cozy atmosphere. 

This year we haven't had the 'hectic summer' and we haven't had our regular customers' visit!  The weather is fine and the few people we have on site are enjoying the quiet site! 

We thought that if you can't visit this year we'd create a video to bring back some of your memeories of year's gone by.  You can access it here:  


2021 - our prices and opening dates are on the tarifs page and you can already make provisional bookings.  Do note however that with all the bookings that have been deferred from 2020, riverside pitches are few and far between at certain times of the year - particularly end of July and early September. Send us and email with your enquiry.  lemoulinfort@wanadoo.fr 

After the experiment of 80km/h on all departmental roads, many departments have returned to 90 km/h - however not on all roads!  The 37 department returned some of the main 'trunk' roads to 90 km/h on September 8th - see the map below.  The D976 that links Montrichard and Bléré is one of the roads concerned.  However, the D976 between Bléré and Tours is still has an 80 km/h limit!  The D140 (on the north bank of the Cher) from La Croix en Touraine to St Pierre des Corps has returned to 90 km/h!  

Proof of a 90 km/h sign

Keep your eyes on the signs!! 👀

jeudi 6 août 2020

Early August

The temperatures are rising and the sun is out.  
We are seeing a few more people coming and going - although no where near as many as usual.  We still haven't reached out self-imposed 75% capacity limit!! So we still have pitches available for every night of the summer. 

There are still balloons overhead!  
Information for drivers of high vehicles - BOTH bridges crossing the Cher at St Georges and Civray are now height limited to 2m30.  The only way across is via the Pont de Chisseaux (D80) or in Montrichard or via the Bléré by-pass. 

We have just found out that the water in the river is not safe for swimming due to the high algae content.  This is a result of low rainfall over the winter, high temperatures earlier in the year which led to a build up of algae.  The current high temps (35 degrees on Thursday 6 August) have exacerbated the situation.