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A friendly and welcoming atmosphere

In the heart of the Loire valley, the site is an ideal base for visiting the many chateaux, gardens and other tourist attractions in the area.

Enjoy the most beautiful chateau in the loire valley

The Chateau of Chenonceau is 1.5km downstream and is well worth a visit.

Enjoy the many attractions next to the campsite

Beauval zoo, Leonardo Da Vinci's house, hot air balloon flights, Chateau of Chenonceau, Amboise, Chambord... So many things to do !

The pool is really fun !

It’s deep so it’s good for practising diving and there’s a little pool to splash about in when you get tired.

Ideally located for this fascinating region

Stay at Le Moulin Fort to discover the land of chateaux, gardens and wine in the heart of France.

mardi 7 mai 2019

May 2019


Bridge access 7 May

The bridge is still impassable by vehicle, bicycle or on foot.  Sometime (hopefully soon) the access to the site will be completely cut as they re-surface the road leading up to the birdge and down 'our' road. 

Keep an eye on our Facebook page for up to date reports as we get closer to opening date. 

If things go to plan we'll open the site on 23 May, the bar on 24 May and the bar, restaurant and pool on Saturday 25th May.  

Please note that the restaurant will be closed on Wednesdays all season this year. 

vendredi 12 avril 2019

April 2019

So, have we got definitive decision about Brexit? Maybe...or maybe not.  You can travel 'as you were' until October 31st - or maybe it'll all change sometime beforehand! Great! 
Our bookings are down by 50% on this time last year - understandable really! 
We are hesitating employing people and organising events as we aren't sure there will be enough customers to make it worthwhile.  We will probably have a few events whatever happens, but they may be arranged last minute!  

We have been out and about researching things to do in the area if any of you do venture down this way. 

ZooParc de Beauval is still one of the best days out in the area.  They are continually improving the animal enclosures and the visitor experience.  New for 2019 Tazmanian Devils and a gondola ride over the park.  The Giant Pandas and Manatees are unique in France.

The Meerkats are always pleased to see you..

View of the Sea Lions from the gondola

Last year's new arrival - White Tiger cub
A Tourist Office visit to Amboise included a 'chocolate making demonstration' at "Chocolaterie Bigot".  A tour of Amboise Castle using their new 'Histopad' - included in the standard entry price it enables visitors to visualise how certain rooms were in the days of Francois 1ere and many other hi-tech features.  A glass blowing demonstration along the river in Chargé, and a meal in a troglodyte restaurant. 

Clock and Bigot Chocolaterie

Amboise Chateau

Glass Blowing
We have been making the most of the dry weather and walking around the local area.  Melanie liked the name of this hamlet!  Google-translate it.... We also showed her the Pre-historic 'Polishing Stones' in Chissay

Direction 'Crotte'

Polishing Stones
 The weather has been really dry, the mill stream under the house has not moved for months and the lack of water is affecting the activity of 'La Belandre' - the restaurant boat based at Chisseaux.  It is beached on a sandbank and starting to split in two!!  Look at the recent TV report on Facebook. 

Dry Mill Race

The trees are enjoying the warmth - for now..
The bridge works are advancing - but not any quicker than planned...

vendredi 15 mars 2019

March 2019

March weather has been as changeable as always - sun, rain, lots of gusty wind and a few rainbows! 

Makes working outside challenging.  However we have been able to start on the re-surfacing of the site road (which is better done when it isn't too dry!) 

The road in front of the first washblock is being widened to make it safer for people leaving the building and easier for campervans using the service area. 

All the site roads are being leveled and re-surfaced with a fine gravel to reduce the dust we experienced last summer - hopefully!! 

The bridge works are advancing - although not quickly!  There is a lot to do before it can be used again!  

The recent high winds have caused a few casualties - fallen branches on site and in the area.  This former 'maison des vignes' suffered quite badly!  The 'maison des vignes' (vine houses) were dotted around the area and used as 'day houses' by the workers in the vines to avoid having to walk back to the village for lunch!  

There is still much uncertainty regarding the summer and the implications of B*****t .  We'll be here and we'd like to see you if you can make it over without too much difficulty!  (Can't guarantee you'll be allowed back though!) 

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