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A friendly and welcoming atmosphere

In the heart of the Loire valley, the site is an ideal base for visiting the many chateaux, gardens and other tourist attractions in the area.

Enjoy the most beautiful chateau in the loire valley

The Chateau of Chenonceau is 1.5km downstream and is well worth a visit.

Enjoy the many attractions next to the campsite

Beauval zoo, Leonardo Da Vinci's house, hot air balloon flights, Chateau of Chenonceau, Amboise, Chambord... So many things to do !

The pool is really fun !

It’s deep so it’s good for practising diving and there’s a little pool to splash about in when you get tired.

Ideally located for this fascinating region

Stay at Le Moulin Fort to discover the land of chateaux, gardens and wine in the heart of France.

mardi 31 mars 2020

Spring 2020

We are living in very strange and challenging times.  The bulk of the world’s population is affected in some way by the Covid-19 pandemic.  Isolation and uncertainty are now commonplace.  

At Le Moulin Fort it is no different, and we face the same challenges as everyone else.  We have been in ‘lockdown’ since March 16th; schools and universities are closed (and the students have all returned home…!); we can only venture out for specific reasons and need to have the appropriate paperwork to do so; most places to go to have closed – even Bricomarché!  The road to the campsite is now only passable by us (residents) and not open for walking or cycling....

We are preparing as much as we dare, unsure if or when we will be opening for the 2020 season.  Rest assured that we will open in some format as soon as we are permitted. It will be a different season to previous ones at Le Moulin Fort, that much is certain.  Hopefully we will be able to meet old friends again sometime in the future.  

We will keep in touch with you all via Facebook if there is any news.  

Stay home and stay safe.

jeudi 26 décembre 2019

Christmas 2019

Christmas Decorations in Tours Centre
We too have had a 'bumpy' year!  Which has finished off quite clamly considering the events of the summer.  If we don't have your full address on file you may not have received our Christmas card with all the news; below is a copy. 

2019 Christmas Card
We have had our 3 girls at home for the Christmas holidays, although getting them here wasn't as easy as it coul dhave been.  The strikes by teh railway workers meant that Danielle returned from Paris a few days earlier than planned, but in a 'car-share' rather than by train.  We drove to Nijmegen in Holland to collect Rebecca and Pieter for the same reason!  

No trains!! 
We have had a relaxing couple of days making the most of the mild weather (not at all Christmassy!).  After the dry summer, the Autumn rains have refilled the Cher and the grass on site has regained its green-ness!  

Camping Le Moulin Fort from the bridge
We ventured to the castle for photo opportunities...and to check it is still there!  

Chateau de Chenonceau
A number of you pre-reserved your pitch for teh 2020 season whilst you were on site last summer.  If we haven't been in touch yet to confirm the dates and take a deposit, can you please get in touch by email (lemoulinfort@wanadoo.fr).  
For all new clients; we have PLENTY of spaces available throughout the 2020 season.  
The site opens on 7 May and closes 27 September. 
Please get in touch by email to make a reservation. 

Best wishes to everyone for a safe and prosperous 2020.

vendredi 20 septembre 2019

2019 Season

Apologies for the hiatus in updates-we’ve had a funny old season.

Bookings at Christmastime were 40% down compared to 2018 and by July, the situation had barely improved.  We frequently had more staff working in the bar/kitchen than customers and it was a very worrying time.  Just as the campsite started to fill up, John spent 8 days in hospital with a nasty eye infection and although now back at home, he’s still on antibiotics and eye drops and can’t see out of his right eye!  Luckily, our fabulous campers stepped up and really helped out, moving caravans, shopping, leading Sarah’s weekly walks, gardening and so on.  And even now, we are regularly helped in the kitchen by a team of volunteer washer-uppers!  Ironically, we are busier now than we were in July and we’re cooking 20-40 meals each evening.  We've started our Eat-ups menu and we think we’ll have eaten everything up by Sunday .. when we move into the last week, low season, and we can start winding down.  We’ll keep you posted with our news over the winter!

Chenonceau Castle

14 July Fireworks

Always a repair to be carried out! 

All customers welcome at the bar!

Pitches 2 and 3 in June

Pitches 2 and 3 in September
Very sore eye! 

View from a balloon

Sarah's Friday Walk - not led by Sarah for once! Thanks Trevor.