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vendredi 2 octobre 2020

October - SITE CLOSED - season summary

"The season that never was"

2020 will be remembered for many things - all of them influenced in some way by a virus!  The season at Camping Le Moulin Fort is no exception. Our original opening date of 7 May was forgotten about very early on as we enjoyed the lock-down (confinement) with our girls safely at home.  

We were then 'allowed' to open on 2 June - but there were no clients and the borders were still closed - so we didn't open until 26 June when we had 3 families on site!  
July was fine and a good number of campers visited but still 40% fewer than in 2019 (which hadn't been a good July anyway!).  We saw some familiar friendly faces who were determined to have a holiday in the French coutryside. 

The first 2 weeks of August carried on this theme, still with fewer people than normal from all countries, we we're able to have our usual music or barbecue evenings, but everyone had a fine time and the weather was kind.  Then on 14 August the bubble burst on what had looked like a good September - "only essential travel to France allowed for the Brits" !!  All of our regular September visitors (and those that had postponed their June holiday) cancelled.  September was deathly quiet 65% down on 2019 - our bar/restaurant takings were down 88%! We were able to keep staff to a minimum and enjoyed the help of Sarah's Mum and Dad throughout the month. 

2019 had already been a mediocre year due to the very changeable weather and the uncertainty about Brexit.  So, although we can survive the winter any more instability in international travel in 2021 will have very serious consequences.