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samedi 11 juillet 2020


So it is July already!  
However the campsite looks more like early May.  We haven't seen many campers, particularly not any foreigners.  

Although the sunshine always brings people out of the woodwork and we are seeing more reservations from 11 July onwards. 

The pool has been cleaned and is now open. 

The bar / shop area is open and will be open everyday (although only until 7pm on most days).  The restaurant/take-away is open on Friday - Saturday - Sunday (6 - 8.30pm) for the immediate future and we will consider other days if the demand is there.  

We have modified the menu - this is an example. 
We also have pizzas available.

The barbecue and covered seating area available for those in tents at the far end of the site. 

If you are planning a visit to this area of the Loire Valley - then we will have pitches available throught the summer......

Meanwhile Sarah has been very busy with her online Coaching. 
Her latest news: 

In August, I’ll be co-hosting an online Clean 4 Teams workshop on behalf of Clean Learning.


Who's it for?

Leaders, Coaches, Teachers, Managers, HR Professionals, Consultants, Agile Coaches

Youth Workers, Health Workers, Family Therapists, Team supervisors, Group Facilitators

Newcomers to Clean Language

Anyone who uses Clean Language with individuals and wants to learn how to use it with teams, groups and organisations

Anyone seeking their own personal development


What will you gain?

Learn how to ask David Grove’s clean questions to develop your own ideas and those of others.

Unpack your own models for processes such as decision-making, time-management and learning at your best’ – and discover the unconscious patterns you live by.

Identify when you are / are not in a good state for learning & creativity.

Detect the judgments you make about others, separate these from actual behaviours and use this information to master the art of Clean Feedback.

Become more aware of what needs to happen for you to stay in a good learning state - and what compromises you may have to make to ensure others can stay in theirs.

Design your own developmental tasks - tiny actions that can make a big difference as you step outside your comfort zone a little.

Find out what happens as people’s patterns emerge and when their values are compromised – this is when the tools really come into their own.

Learn what triggers you to go into drama, what drama position(s) you tend to take - and how you can use this information to recognise what’s important to you.

Learn how to use the Clean Change Cycle (outcome, action, feedback) to coach someone off the Drama Triangle.

Gain multiple ideas for facilitating others, whether you work with individuals or teams.

Learn how this methodology has been used in business, education, health and community setting


For more information and to sign up: https://cleanlearning.co.uk/events/book/5249


If you’d like any more information, please get in touch …