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dimanche 30 juin 2019

End of June

June has come to an end – it seems to have been a long month here....
Thanks to Chris Greenwood for this picture of Chenonceau Castle
The rain and cold gave way to an intense HeatWave during the last week with temperatures reaching 40C and in the high 30s all week.  The departures due to the heat were even more impressive than the departures due to the rain earlier in the month. 

“the dogs can’t cope with the heat”
“we’re moving to the coast to get away from the heat”
“we can’t sleep in the tent in these temperatures”

Statements heard as people checked out earlier than planned.  All very valid reasons.  So much so that the site is now nearly empty.  The 29 June 2018 we had 93 pitches occupied, the same date this year only 44.  The bookings for the coming week aren’t going to improve things much either.  We will just have to hold tight until the schools break-up (5 July in France).

We are very grateful to the hardy few who’ve stuck out the highs and lows of the month and enjoyed the river, the calm and the friendly banter. 

We were visited by Rotel Tours and their Rolling Hotel – the driver managed to only slightly damage one of our bushes in this turning around manoeuvre!  We will see the bus again in early August. 

Remember the ASCI, Camping Key and ADAC Campingcard are valid until 5 July and then again from 26 August. 

The summer seems to be stretching ahead of us indefinitely at the moment.   We will have fireworks and our big barbeque on 14 July as usual.