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mardi 7 novembre 2017


Back at Le Moulin Fort, winter has arrived with some chilly mornings and blue skies.  Greg is battling the leaves onsite and Frans has really helped clearing our old back garden.  

October half-term is over and we survived a 4150km trip to the UK - 21 counties visited and many, many people! We'll tell you all about it one day! 
John included a visit to Brooklands Museum with Jim as the girls were off doing other things. Fancy doing over 100mph on this surface? 

We have discovered a cake in a cupboard but can't remember where it came from..! Anyone any ideas?  

We’ve been contacted by a German girl who is looking for the opportunity to spend some time in the UK : a few days/weeks either as an au pair, on a student exchange or simply staying with a family who would be happy to host her and get her speaking with English people.  She’s 15 (16 in May), bilingual (German / French) and is good at English with a passion for… theater! Please pass on this message and let us know if you have any ideas of how to help! 

Bookings for next summer are being accepted by email and via the Caravan Club.  Riverside pitches are already very busy, particularly in July; so if you like sitting by the river watching the world float by - think about contacting us to make a booking sooner rather than later. 

If you would like to spend the summer working with us at Le Moulin Fort, please contact us by email.  lemoulinfort@wanadoo.fr