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vendredi 1 septembre 2017

End of August News

Another summer high season has been and gone!  It has been successful for us, although not the best ever - a cold snap in early August put paid to that!  
Here are some of the photos of the month: 

Big fish and crazy midnight fishermen!

The end of Apple Frost - forever! 
Preparing for a quiz with many familiar faces!  

Barbecue with all the family helping!

A storm brewing in the distance

50 ping-pong balls found on top of the wall in the games room - and a shuttlecock!

1929 Renault outside the Camera Museum

Staff party with cakes

37.5 degrees on 30 August !! 

A very successful Christmas at Le Moulin Fort on 25 August!
Plenty of blue sky and hot air balloons

The September regulars are already on their way and will be treated to music from Yann the Mann; the Starman and his inflatable planetarium; Sarah's Friday morning walks; a quiz and our traditional 'eat-ups' menu from 21 to 24 September as we clear the stocks for the winter. Why not join us. 

School starts again on 4 Sept for most, good luck to teachers and kids alike - October half term is only 7 weeks away!!