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dimanche 8 décembre 2013


10 good reasons to come to our campsite...

1. It’s very easy to make friends here, whatever your nationality
2. There’s an excellent play park with things to climb, space to run, a chess set, mini-golf and a separate play park for younger children
3. The pool is really fun –it’s deep so it’s good for practising diving and there’s a little pool to splash about in when you get tired
4. It’s interesting walking along the river bank—watching the fish, the kingfishers, the occasional coypu or snake (although don’t mention the snakes to your Mom)
5. We make delicious pizzas—you can design your own or choose one from the menu. We also have a kids menu which includes a drink and an ice-cream for 7€
6. While you are here, you can visit:-
  • The Tintin museum at Cheverny
  • Sleeping Beauty’s castle at Ussé
  • The Magic Museum and Porcupine Trail in Blois
  • Lulu park with water slides, bouncy castle, giant trampolines etc.  On the way home, your parents can call in at the famous wine caves at Vouvray so they’ll be happy too!
  • France’s best zoo at Beauval—pandas, elephants, white lions and tigers, a koala bear and her babies, penguins and much more
  • The market at Loches or Amboise with all the hair clips and necklaces you could ever hope for (the boys might prefer the fish stores with live lobsters and crabs…)
7. It’s not too far away from home so you won’t have to spend hours and hours in the back of the car
8. We have 21 different flavours of ice cream, as well as cones and lollies
9. You can hire a canoe and paddle under the arches of Chenonceau chateau—that’s quite cool!
10. Best of all, this is a really nice campsite for your parents, so they’ll chill out too—which means they won’t be nagging you all the time, which means you’ll all have a nice holiday.  Phew!

We are quite strict—we tell you off if you mess around at night, or go crazy in the pool.  We don’t like kids who fight, and we like everyone (kids and grown-ups) to respect our property.  We want our campsite to be the sort of place where everyone can get along and have a nice holiday together—whatever their age.  As there are lots of families who come back year after year, we figure we must be doing something right— come and stay with us and see what you think!