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jeudi 8 avril 2021

April News


March ended and April started very warm and sunny, but it didn't last for long as with many in the northern parts of Europe.  

The 'colza' fields were glowing yellow but the vines don't like freezing temperatures at this time of year - the 'vignerons' have been lighting fires (big round bales of hay) next the thier vines to keep the temperatures above 0.  They employ large fans to keep the air moving, even resorting to helicopters hovering low over the vines to keep the frost away.  

A change of scene at Le Moulin Fort this week as the local landscaping company used the site to test some new battery powered Husqvarna - we got some grass and hedges cut in the process!! 

Although we have been able to start preparing the site: 

....the start of the season looks iffy!  
France is now in another lockdown situation and travelling for 'non-essential' reasons is limited to 10kms ... the restrictions will last until 3 May at the earliest.
Watch this space for an update of our planned opening. 

Meanwhile in Chenonceaux village they have created a 'one-way' system!  Should be fun in the summer....

Essentially: going west to east - nothing changes.
From east to west you are diverted around the back of the village and rejoin the main road at the Bon Laboureur.