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lundi 1 février 2021

February 2021

 February is already upon us.... The world is still on 'pause' and planning for the future is tricky.  

However....The sun will come out again - the ferries will sail and the drive through the French countryside will become a reality once more.  Until then, you can make bookings at Le Moulin Fort knowing that if things go pear-shaped again you can change you reservation up to 7 days before your expected arrival for no charge, and if you need to move the booking to next year you can... 

Meanwhile....it's been raining!!  

The Cher is rising and the lower bank of the campsite is now underwater.  No where near flood level though.

The chateau is still here....cold and empty!   

They have started work on the bridge at Civray.  They are removing the metal parts (put in place temporarily after WWII!! ) and making it have 2 way traffic and a cycle lane!  It will be closed until January 2022 at the earliest. 

Map of the bridge closure

A crowd gathered for the 'event'

The centre of the bridge has already been removed

Good progress so far, although the high winds and rising river levels have slowed things down.