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mercredi 22 mars 2017

Mid March News

Another crazy month at Le Moulin Fort.  As soon as we get that Spring feeling, we leap into action.  Painting, mowing, cleaning, sorting etc.  We have a couple of interesting projects in hand … watch this space for more info! 

In the meantime, Gregory has discovered that the headlights on the mower work pretty well, and was mowing until 9pm last night!  And lucky he did, as we’ve had torrential rain today.  April Showers start early in France!  


John flew back to the UK last week to attend Tony’s funeral.  It was a fitting tribute to a lovely man, and nice to see so many campers present to pay their respects and support Stella and their family.  

Sarah has been teaching again – and busy re-arranging her coaching and training activities to fit around this new routine.  Danielle is preparing for her forthcoming stay in Germany and her class is coming under a lot of pressure from school to complete the school year three months early.  It’s quite a punishing schedule for a 15 year old. With that in mind, we’re glad that we’ve got a short break planned to have a bit of family time together…

We've added a couple more music acts for the summer starting with Georges during the Whit Week and a couple of quizzes, including Paul's Quiz Winners Quiz in early July.   See our entertainment page for full details.