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mardi 8 novembre 2016

November News

8 Nov 2016

Home again after a crazy two-week trip to the Netherlands and UK, we can breathe a sigh of relief that everything went to plan!

We had a fine time in Amsterdam visiting Rebecca in her Halls of Residence.  She’s a bit lonely but otherwise doing fine and as she’s just got a part in a student play, we think she’ll soon begin to settle in!  While we were in Holland, we also met up with the Laoh family and had a lovely day on the beach - fantastic weather and great company, as always!

Danielle had been invited to spend some time with her ‘other family’ in Germany and we put her on a plane from Schiphol to Frankfurt, where Peter met her with a wonderful sign and she proceeded to slip back into her second home with ease. Monika said it was great to have their third daughter with them again. The week flew by and the pick-up 10 days later from a station in Paris went equally smoothly. 

We (John, Sarah and Melanie) had a busy time in London with Jim, had a manic time at Grandma and Grandad’s with Tilly, Tash, Max and even Uncle Pete came over for the day.  We had lunch with Tony and Stella and managed to go ‘trick or treating’, which was high on Melanie’s wish list.  Stonehenge was freezing but we took some excellently atmospheric photos …  
John and Melanie’s ferry trip went smoothly; Sarah had a productive couple of the days in the New Forest before flying home and now we’re all home again and very happy to be able to look back on our fortnight away …thanks to all concerned for helping to make it be a success!  
While we were away, Gregory continued to repair various leaks in the wash block, and has re-plastered the Games Room.  Frans and Ria enjoyed the balmy Autumn weather … made various jams and compotes … and Frans had a good go at some of the shrubs and bushes.  Lantana made a start on the trees … but have yet to return … we’ll let you know!

Next update: early December!