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lundi 3 octobre 2016

October update

So that’s it, another season over!  
Empty site

Empty kitchen
Empty bar

We’ll give ourselves a couple of weeks to finish things off, winterize the pool, drain the water from the wash blocks, complete the end of season admin and so on.  Gregory is happy to keep working with us over the winter, and we’ve already got a huge list of jobs that we’d like to be done before the 2017 season so we’re hopeful that this will be a good partnership – we’ve never employed anyone full-time before. 

We always like to delve into statistics as the season draws to a close so we thought we’d share these with you:

We’ve sold over 800kg of chips, over 500 pizzas and almost 350 pieces of fish’n’chips fish.  Our campers have consumed almost 3,000l of 1664 and 660 litres of house wine.  We’re far from beating our bread sales of 2014 but nevertheless, we ordered almost 5,000 baguettes and well over 6,500 croissants!

We’re often asked whether it’s been a good season.  With the strikes, fuel shortages and floods at the beginning of the year, and a general disinclination to visit France, even during the wonderfully warm Autumn, financially, it’s been a fairly poor season.  But otherwise, we’ve had a pretty good time.  A lovely team of staff, some great ‘soirees’, no major problems (flood (!), fire in the games room and several general power cuts notwithstanding) …  and as ever, lots of friendly and interesting campers. 

We’re now looking forward to some rest, the opportunity to visit friends and family in the UK (and Netherlands!) and get on with other aspects of life for a while. 

Acacia hedge at entrance in April

Acacia hedge at entrance in September !

Next update: early November

Published 3 October 2016