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lundi 19 septembre 2016

Mid-September News

What is this strange substance falling from the sky? 

After the driest summer since 1959, the weather has finally broken and we’ve had a couple of days of rain, as well as an impressive dust storm which blew trees onto power lines and caused a power cut affecting over 11,000 houses as well as the campsite on Wednesday morning.  Luckily, everything was back to normal by tea-time, and we have more sunshine forecast for the coming days!  

As expected, the harvest will be quite late this year -1st October for our annual grape-picking day – by which time the campsite will be closed and everyone will be gone.  

Including Marmalade, the little kitten we ‘inherited’ over the summer.  He’s found a good home in Belgium – phew!  

We’re definitely winding down towards the end of the season now; the bar and restaurant close on Tuesday so we’re into our crazy ‘eat-ups’ menu which is always popular, and enables us to clear stocks before the winter.  

Next update: when we’re closed!!!