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samedi 13 août 2016

Mid August News

13 Aug
Another eventful time on the campsite!   

Very Blue Sky

The continuing good weather helps – we’ve had one day of rain this month!  Making up for the floods in June! 

We were chuffed to be able to put out the FULL board this week.   

However, we’ve also had a fire in the electric box which controls the pool filtering system. This put the pool out of action for a day … and caused us quite a lot of stress as we raced around trying to find an electrician on the eve of a Bank Holiday weekend!  Luckily, we found a really helpful guy in Amboise who was able to replace the box and get everything working again within 24hrs ..... hurrah!  

We’ve got our last live music event with Bruno on Wednesday and after that, we’re hoping for a period of calm while Sarah takes Rebecca to Amsterdam to get her settled and getting Danielle and Melanie ready to go back to school.  Of course, we have to slip in our Augustmas party on 25th first - is it too early to start cooking the sprouts yet?