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lundi 1 août 2016

End of July News

1 August
Hot Air Balloon dripping into the Cher
The season continues apace with some lovely sunny days, a great atmosphere on the terrasse and some fun animations – live music from Bruno and Virginie, Qi Gong and Shiatsu massages from Sandrine and new for 2016, a session of Biodanza organized by Sarah …

We’ve said ‘arriverdeci’ to Nicole and Mara, our two Italian staff … and ‘auf wiedersehen’ to Lilli, Danielle’s exchange correspondent who’s been staying with us for the past three months.  It’s been a great experience with Lilli managing to cope with our unconventional lifestyle!  Danielle did well in her exams and she’s been accepted to Paul-Louis Courier, a school in Tours specialising in languages so she’s now looking for another German-speaking family who would be happy to welcome her into their home from April-June next year … please contact us if you or someone you know might be interested so we can tell you more details!

Lilli with all our family in the UK
Gabrielle was been in hospital for a week with an as yet undiagnosed condition and as it’s our peak season, we’ve been struggling to cope in her absence and we’re very happy to say that Violaine will be joining us again temporarily.  We’ve employed a member of the Lemaire-Cardoen family every year since 2005 so it’s great that this year is no exception. Gabrielle is now at home and recuperating, we hope to have her back soon.

We’ve had Max’s Indonesian Rijstafel, with music from Georges and more events next week: Bruno, Bertrand the astronomer, Virginie and our new ‘80’s nite’.  Prawn cocktail, coronation chicken and black forest gateau on the menu … and we’re wondering who will be brave enough to admit they have leg warmers and ra-ra skirts still tucked away in their closets!   
Very big Catfish caught in the Cher