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samedi 16 juillet 2016

Mid July Thoughts

15 July

As we stood admiring the fantastic Firework display on the banks of ‘our’ river last night, we had no idea of the atrocities taking place in Nice.  From fuel shortages to floods, football, Brexit and the ever present threat of terrorism and lunatics, it’s become increasingly difficult to maintain a happy-go-lucky attitude this season.  And yet, we all know that worrying about the past, the present and the future may be the thing that differentiates our species from the zebra, but it’s also the thing that causes stress, burn-outs, suicide and all the rest… And so, while our hearts go out to all those suffering incomprehensible pain, our minds will be focusing on the positive.  Hot air balloons passing overhead early in the morning.  Freshly baked morning croissants on the banks of the river.  Fantastic places to visit.  Beautiful flower arrangements.  Great music on the terrace.  A friendly atmosphere all around.  Smile and be happy.  It’s the holidays!
'Soultime' accompanied by Rebecca and Hans on clarinet

Soultime at dusk

Inside Chenonceau Chateau