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mardi 5 juillet 2016

Early July Update

5 July 2016

Even the is pool back to normal
After the ‘excitement’ of the beginning of the month, we are pretty much back to normal on the campsite.  So much so that some people don’t realise just how bad it was.  We thought we’d make a montage of photos to put up in Reception as a reminder!  News of the Brexit vote very quickly replaced the floods as a topic of conversation and of course, there’s Wimbledon, the Tour de France and the football, which all make for a good atmosphere in the bar.  The ICFR rally went very well, with several walks, a guided tour of the Cave, as well as their own activities and agenda.  We also had a great BBQ with Soultime and another visit from Bertrand, the astronomer.  Check out this link for all the dates of our forthcoming events.
ICFR Rally picinc in the vines after a guided tour of the Cave La Gourmandiere in Francueil
Sarah's Friday walkers - without Sarah!

Several people have emailed their reasons for visiting France this summer.  Our favourite is this from a family in Jersey:-

Listening to French Radio because we can’t stand the news from the UK. It sounds better in French (particularly for me because I don’t understand what they are saying). Being in France should be even better.

Jersey has always retained political independence from the UK but after Brexit we will become the cut off island of a cut off island. Being in a proper country like France has got to be better than that.

They are talking about bringing back the minuscule limits on how much wine you can bring home from France so we had better make the most of the next two years and build up our cave at home.

But most importantly your beautiful campsite is in France and as you know a visit to Le Moulin Fort has become an annual event for us. We … look forward to seeing you soon.

And on that note, we look forward to seeing you soon too !