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lundi 20 juin 2016

Post flood

20 June

So.  The water has gone down, we’re now open and pretty much “back to business” as normal.  The sun has even made an appearance!  Although we’re about 80% down on last year’s takings for the month of June with only 10 days to go to the end of the month.  We’re hoping that our insurance will cover some of this and so we were thinking of ways we could encourage more business this summer. Except the outlook’s pretty glum for France at the moment.  We had the fuel shortages and floods, we’ve now got the strikes and football hooligans, terrorist attacks could be seen as a threat at any time and heaven only knows what will happen on 23rd June and thereafter …. And to top it all, with the rain and now the warm weather, we could have an invasion of midges and mosquitoes… Even the French aren’t staying in France with reports that 7.5 million more French plan to holiday abroad this year. With all that in mind, we looked at the Scottish Tourist Board to see if we could nick some tips from their marketing department.  This is they think will attract holidaymakers to Scotland:
·         The Loch Ness Monster
·         Famous Scots such as Robbie Burns
·         The music, language and culture
·         The history
·        The LGBT scene and getting married (we’re not sure if this is just for the afore-mentioned or everybody!)

And so, to lighten our spirits in these gloomy moments, we wondered if you could help us come up with a top 5, no, let’s be bold, a top ten list of tenuous reasons to visit France this summer! Answers on a postcard please (or at least an email!) 

The Fete de St Jean and Locomotion in Francueil were blessed with the first clear evening of the month for the fireworks and bonfire.  

The ICFR Rally have taken their places on site for 12 days and were making the most of the dry weather on Sunday for a walk to the Chateau de Chenonceau.