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vendredi 3 juin 2016


 Following a decision by the local "prefecture" we had to evacuate the campsite on Wednesday evening as a precautionary measure... better safe than sorry! 

Pitches 45 and 46 on Thursday morning

The campers on site were 'housed' outside the local 'cave' La Gourmandiere, with the option of drowning their sorrows on the doorstep!  

Caravans outside La Gourmandiere on Wednesday night

The forecast 'high' water didn't arrive on Wednesday night, but now has on Friday morning.  The site is under a couple of feet of water in some places. 
Outside small wash building Friday morning

View from the palmtree! 
Pitch 25 underwater, 17 and 16 dry(ish)!
The new high water is predicted this afternoon (Friday) and upstream the level is dropping steadily so we will hopefully be able to return to assess the damage in a day or two.  
Who needs a swimming pool!
In the meantime please tell anyone you know who might be planning to visit us this week to make alternative plans and contact us if they have any queries. lemoulinfort@wanadoo.fr