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mercredi 8 juin 2016

Drying out - slowly.

Another lovely evening at home .. we could get used to this!  Having gone through the rigmarole of opening only 6 weeks ago, we’re not really looking forward to doing it all again this weekend!  However, we’ve learnt that our friends Lydie and Bruno who own the campsite at Faverolles-Montrichard, will not be opening at all this year.  Their site has been under water for a week longer than ours, the swimming pool was covered and most of their mobile-homes are a write-off.  Suddenly, it puts a different perspective on our situation … We’ll begin cleaning sani 1 this morning, and hopefully get the pumping system back in action…. More news this evening hopefully.
Looking up the site from the small washbuilding

Compare with yesterday's picture from sani 2

Some pitches taking longer to dry than others - this is 45!