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vendredi 13 mai 2016

Early May News

We had a great response to our last post – lots of goodwill sent to our friends and some helpful suggestions such as:-

Have a small safe in van
Keep valuables out of sight
Buy a dog bowl and mat and leave them outside!
And thanks to Dave for details about window alarms from Milenco (approx. £30 for a pack of 6 on E-bay, LR44 batteries not included!) which are suitable for caravans and motor homes..

After that shaky start, the season is going very well, with the arrival of some lovely campers; familiar faces which we always appreciate, as well as some new and hopefully happy campers. Thibault has started work in Reception and is busy implementing the new reservations system.  And yes, joining us this year … Marleen and ELVIS!!  Not the pelvis-gyrating, burger-munching sequined sex-god but we’re very happy to welcome him nonetheless.  They are already getting to grips with the pool and washblocks and will soon begin preparing the bar for opening on 21st May.

As part of our preparations every year we clean out the drains!  Does anyone recognize these water carrier / waste container lids??   

We've had some nice weather and some rotten weather recently.  Just to remind those who were stuck in the rain what sunshine looks like.. 

Sarah is looking for guinea pigs before an exam in late June so if you’re planning a stay on site and you’re interested in any of the topics below, please get in touch and book a session!

·         Managing stress
·         Feeling more self-confident
·         Career planning
·         Communicating with colleagues or family

That’s it for the moment – we’re pretty busy with 4 girls now at home; Danielle’s correspondent Lilli arrived at the beginning of the month and will be living with us until late July.  And with all the May Bank holidays, training days and other miscellaneous reasons to cancel school, and invite streams of friends round, it sometimes feels like we’re running a boarding house for adolescent girls…