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samedi 28 mai 2016

Fuel latest

Reports of fuel shortages are exaggerated.  Over the past couple of days fuel has been available in this area in almost all supermarkets and filling stations with no quantity restrictions in place.  The only restriction is on filling jerrycans or other containers.  

Motorway service areas have fuel (and have always had fuel).  

The situation is worse in Normandy and Brittany, but even there fuel is available with quantity restrictions (and obviously some queuing).  

The refinery blockades are being dealt with by the authorities, but are ongoing. The situation is not being helped by the railway workers and power station workers also striking, but effects so far have been very limited in our area (Region Centre - Val de Loire). 

The long term seems to indicate disruption to transport services (port workers, air traffic control and fuel refineries) but these actions are being carried out by a minority of these workers. The general public behaving normally and not panicking will limit the effects of this industrial action.