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mardi 23 février 2016

Late February news

People often ask us what we do in the winter and honestly, the answer is ‘we have no idea’.  Time just seems to disappear! Nearly March already?  Crikey!

We decided that Rebecca and Danielle would benefit from a holiday at home after their travels to Italy and Germany so we stayed here during the recent half-term break.  It was very nice to anticipate a fortnight of Sundays although it turned out to be not quite as relaxing as we’d thought, taking Mel to gym club, Danielle to her scooter lessons, Rebecca to the station so she could meet an Italian friend in Tours …  We’ve clocked up several hundred kilometres in the taxi of Mum and Dad!

We had all sorts of weather – very strong wind, some snow, some sunshine and lots of rain.  The river has been quite high and the ground is still really wet so we didn’t manage to get out into our garden as much as we’d hoped either.  

Fingers crossed that March will bring some drier weather!

John also took the girls to Disneyland Paris for a couple of days while Sarah went up to the Normandy countryside for Module four of her Clean Language course.  If you’re interested in this kind of thing, read our well-being page for more details and please don’t hesitate to book a coaching session during your stay with us!

And finally, a plea!  We normally buy a selection of second hand books to supplement the library in the bar but we didn’t have time/space this Christmas.  If you have a stash of once-read paperbacks cluttering up your bedside table or conservatory, and you’d be happy to donate them to us, we will gratefully accept.