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vendredi 22 janvier 2016

January 2016 News

News from France this month.  

We’ve had some snow, quite a bit of rain and lots of very chilly days … so we haven’t been able to do much outside.  

John has finished the bathroom in our house (finally, and thank goodness!) and continues to deal with campsite admin on a daily basis.  We’re getting a steady flow of bookings and we’re also upgrading our Reservation system which is taking an astronomically long time…  

Rebecca and Danielle are trying hard to catch up on all the work they missed during their months away as well as planning what they will do in September.  They both take exams this summer (the brevet for Danielle and the baccalaureate for Rebecca) and will have to choose which lycée and universities they would like to go to… Mel is adapting well to having her sisters back on the scene and Sarah is busy making contacts and trying to set up a network of ‘Well-Being’ professionals we can work with the summer. 

We've been on several walks, looking at more routes for Sarah's summer Friday morning walks.  We've been caught in the odd rain storm......

A glimmer of hope in this gloomy weather is our first daffodil !  

We are still looking for staff for this season, if you would like to spend the summer in France (or know someone who does) send us an email.  

Next update: mid February