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lundi 2 novembre 2015

November News

We had a good trip visiting friends and family in the UK.  We spent a few days in London, where we were lucky enough to catch up with the Queen and the Chinese President and had a ride on the London Eye.  We spent some time with Sarah’s family in the Midlands, and also popped up to North Wales to see John’s mum, who continues to lose her memory and other functions.  She’s well cared-for, but it’s still not much fun to witness this slow deterioration..

The Queen and Xi Jinping

Rebecca is having mixed experiences in Italy.  She’s changed host families and is now much happier, although she’s had her bike nicked and lost her phone!  Danielle is having a fine time in Germany; doing so much that we’re worried she will find us quite boring after the pace of her life this winter!  Rebecca will finish off her adventure with 3 days at the European Parliament in Brussels, as well as a quick trip to see friends in Gouda.  Then she’ll be back home for a fortnight before we all go back to England for Christmas.  All except Danielle, who we collect on 31st December, as we’ve been invited to spend New Year with her host family!

January will seem very flat for us all after this excitement although it will do us good to have some space to think.  November is already pretty busy, with various meetings and courses booked in, not to mention the Christmas play which we produce for the local primary school. Every year, it takes up too much of our time and every year we say it will be the last time. Surely this year, it will be the last one?  We’re rehearsing every Sunday morning with the adults, and Tuesdays and Wednesdays with groups of children, plus various technical and set-building events and although it’s fun, we could do with more time to get other things done!

Luckily, Frans and Ria stayed on the campsite while we were away and Frans was able to get on with some good DIY and gardening jobs while Ria rested after her op.  The weather forecast looks good for the next few days too, so we can continue mowing and mulching leaves in the sunshine.

We have avoided thinking about next summer in too much detail but we do know that the best staff are those who actually care about their work… so if you, or anyone you know, would be interested in working with us in 2016, please get in touch before Christmas with dates and a letter of motivation.  We are considering full and part-time work, for all or part of the season, although this will depend on us being able to find the right combination of staff. So let us know!

We’d also like to refresh/overhaul our Library so we’d appreciate donations of second hand books, CD’s and DVD’s: good quality please!

And finally, we’ve often thought about organising a get-together over the winter but have never got round to it. If you’re likely to be within driving distance of Worcestershire on 23rd Dec, and you’d like to meet up for a pub lunch and walk, please get in touch!

That’s it for now … next update? Probably late November......