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vendredi 27 novembre 2015

Late November news

Like many people, we were shocked to wake up one Saturday morning, and hear news of the attacks in Paris.  So many innocent lives destroyed and the repercussions felt across the world. Our girls, Rebecca in Italy and Danielle in Germany, were very concerned, and with Rebecca due to travel to Brussels on Sunday, it’s true that it is a worrying time.  But to stop travelling, and to give into fear would be to give in to the terrorists and we feel strongly that we should all get on with living this life while we can.

And so it was strangely comforting to spend the days after the attacks painting scenery for the forthcoming production of the Wizard of Oz.  The bar was temporarily transformed into Munchkinland … and we’ve spent many a (happy?) evening sticking sequins onto a pair of Ruby slippers … in case you ever wonder what we get up to over the winter!

On the campsite, reservations are coming in steadily.  We’re busy making preparations for the 2016 season while some works are already underway.  The new doors and windows in the bar are looking good and have already made a difference to the temperature in there!

It was heart-warming to hear that Rebecca has found her mobile phone … or rather, someone else found it and chose to drive over 100km to return it to her!  She’s onto her last week in Italy … it has gone so fast.  We’re trying to prepare her for a turbulent return – after a brief stay with friends in Holland, she’ll be home on Sunday and back at school on Monday morning.  Sarah’s teaching for the last few weeks of term, and the ‘spectacle’ takes place on 20th December so we’ve got some seriously crazy weeks ahead… next update planned for mid-December.