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jeudi 1 octobre 2015

Early October News

So that’s it, another summer over!

It’s funny, when we’re up to our eyeballs in steak haché and frites in high season, September seems a long way off and then somehow, time fast forwards and we find ourselves enjoying a very pleasant afternoon on the terrasse, bathed in the warm autumn sunshine, and finishing up the last scoops of ice-cream, and last drops of beer and wondering where the season went?

Mick, Cath and John have been busy tidying up, clearing out and preparing the site for the winter.  We spent an afternoon at the tip, getting rid of the diverse junk people leave us over the summer including tents, plastic furniture and even a microwave! 

Meanwhile, Sarah and the girls have been getting on with everyday life.. and preparing Danielle for her exchange trip to Germany – she leaves on Saturday!  We have a night in Paris planned and then it will be just Melanie for a couple of months!  We are going back to see family during half-term; Sarah’s sister Jen has just started back at work which is great news.  Helen and Mary are happily settling in to life in Togo and so Bill and Jan will see their grandchildren living in 5 different countries this winter!

It’s been a great season – thanks to the weather, some lovely campers and also to a good team of staff.  We’re sad to hear from Mick and Cath that they’ve decided to look for work in the UK so they can spend more time with their grand-daughter next year.  Mick’s been a great support to John over he past few seasons and we’ve seen Cath blossom into a wonderful singer and entertainer with the Hidden Talents evenings.  We’ll be putting some serious thought into how we can organise staffing next year to continue to create this wonderful, friendly atmosphere on site whilst still preserving our own family life again next year …. If you’d be interested in working for us – full or part-time, then please contact Sarah before Christmas, with your skills, motivation and dates you’re available to work!