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mercredi 8 avril 2015

April News

For the first ten years of running Le Moulin Fort, we would open on 1st April.  We’d get a little peak of activity around the Easter weekend, particularly supported by those who stored their caravans with us.  

In recent years, we've noticed fewer and fewer people coming to the Continent in the ‘low low’ season and it’s no longer worth our while getting everything up and running, employing staff and opening for Easter for so few campers.  This year, the weather has been particularly cold and windy; every day, we say how glad we are not to be open yet. Although Easter Monday and this week are sunny but still very col din the early mornings. 

John has been able to visit his Mum and is noticing more deterioration in her condition since his last visit; she can no longer walk nor hold a thought for more than a minute.  Dementia is a terrible thing for the family but at least the patient seems relatively unaware.  

Sarah’s sister Jen has been involved in a fairly serious car accident.  She’s in hospital with a broken sternum, cracked vertebrae and unable to walk for the moment.  She’s hoping to have a back brace fitted this week.  Luckily, Grandma and Grandad are around to help with their girls while Craig tries to sort out everything else…  It’s at times like these that we feel very far away!

On a brighter note, the weather forecast looks heaps better for the next 10 days or so we’re hoping that we’ll finally be able to get on with some gardening.  We’re getting the campsite road re-surfaced on Tuesday which will tidy things up nicely and Mick and Cath arrive next Saturday which will give us another boost.  

The site will be open on 7 May.