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mercredi 18 mars 2015

March News

Our previous post about the summer has prompted a flurry of emails on the subject.  We particularly like Frans’ comments about wearing shorts and eating outside as often as possible.  We’d add that the essence of a holiday is to have no obligations –no alarm clock, no school runs and all of the family unit moving at the same pace –lovely!  We’d be interested in hearing what’s an essential holiday ingredient for you?!

Here, the sun is starting to shine with a little warmth so the daffodils are out, the trees are beginning to blossom and the birds are entertaining us with their tuneful melodies.  Of course, the grass is also growing and we’re starting to panic about all the things we want to get finished before the site opens but we’re certainly enjoying the longer days and the lighter mornings.  We’re hopefully having our first BBQ of the year this weekend, Rebecca’s Italian correspondent arrives on Monday for a weeks’ stay, and then John’s travelling back to the UK to visit his Mum for a couple of days.  When he’s back, we’ll start a serious countdown to opening – bookings are coming in regularly and the season so far is looking good with lots of entertainment planned, and a good team of staff.

Check back here mid-April for our next update!