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lundi 9 février 2015

February news

It has been foul weather here for the past few weeks; we've all been fighting coughs and colds and even Sarah, normally quite up-beat and positive about life, has been struggling to find a smile.  So we've wracked our brains and come up with this list of lovely things to look forward to….

10 reasons to look forward to the summer

  1. It will be hot, and not cold.
  2. We’ll be able to get on with some gardening
  3. We’ll be able to hang the washing out on the line and know that it will be dry before tea time
  4. Mick and Cath are returning to work for us with their ‘Hidden Talents’ evening featuring in the bar throughout the season
  5. We won’t need to wear socks!
  6. Mick is bringing some of his photos which he’s turned into quality contemporary prints
  7. We've got lots of live music ‘soirees’ featuring old favourites and some new acts for 2015 (see below)
  8. Skin looks better when it’s lightly tanned and tummies are always flatter in the summer
  9. We’ll have lots of new people to meet, and old acquaintances to renew
  10. We’ll be able to open the doors and windows without being blown away…

If you've got any more reasons to be cheerful, then please let us know.  We need as many reasons as can be!!!!

And let us know if you’d be interested in participating in any of the following sessions:-
i.                        Reversing with a caravan
ii.                       A French language drop-in self-help group
iii.                      Themed walks (one per month)
iv.                      Talks on improving your confidence, getting along better with other people

Le Moulin Fort Events - summer 2015

Sat 13th June
Soultime – music trio
Sat 20st June
Sun 21st June
Feu de la St Jean
Fete de la locomotion
Wed 24th June
Starman – star gazing
Sat 4th July
Soultime – music trio
Thurs 9th July
Starman – star gazing
Tues 14th July
Georges Paltrié - music
with Fireworks
Fri 24th July
Georges Paltrié - music
Wed 29th July
Bruno – guitar music
Wed 5th Aug
Bruno – guitar music
Mon 10th Aug
Starman – star gazing
Wed 12th Aug
Bruno – guitar music
Sat 15th Aug
Georges Paltrié - music
Fri 21st Aug
Virginie - music
Sat 29th Aug
Soultime – music trio
with Fire works
Wed 9th Sept
Starman – star gazing

Georges Paltrié September 2015
Fireworks August 2015