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samedi 3 janvier 2015

January 2015 news

We had a lovely time in Rome.  Walked miles, saw the sights, ate several pizzas, quite a lot of pasta and ice-cream and topped it off with a visit to St Peter’s square on Christmas day! Totally random but it was good to spend time with the girls in a completely different environment (small apartment, four flights up, no lift, lots of church bells through the night…) and immerse ourselves in another culture for a while.

Back to a very cold, grey and damp France so we’re enjoying catching up on watching DVD’s, seeing friends and getting ready to hit the new year running! The Christmas Spectacle went very well .. so everyone tells us.  From backstage, the show whizzes by in a flurry of feathers and confetti while we organize, cajole and chivy everyone along and we don’t seem to breathe from the moment the curtain opens to the last curtain call and finale.  Luckily, a DVD is in the making and we should have a ‘soiree’ sometime in January when it’s good to congratulate ourselves, and look ahead to the next extravaganza!  In fact, that’s the best thing about January.  Looking back to the year gone by, realising how much we’ve achieved in that year, and wondering what the coming year will bring, how will life be different this time next year?  Whatever 2015 has in store for us, we wish you much happiness and look forward to seeing you on the campsite!