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mardi 4 novembre 2014

November News

We had a great two weeks in the UK.
The happy couple. 
Rhod and Amy’s wedding was lovely; meeting up with family we haven’t seen in years …
We were able to visit John’s mum and hopefully improve some aspects of her care … it’s not easy dealing with social services and various other authorities and administrations from a distance so it was good to be able to spend some time sorting things out in person! Sarah’s Mum and Dad looked after our girls so we were able to get up to Anglesey twice … they also fed us, and did all our washing for a fortnight … which was a big help as well as providing some light humour and wise words!
Wedding tractor?

Muddy walk in Shropshire
We met up with some old friends from school and after a delicious pub lunch (we miss the good old English pub lunch…), we went on an amazingly muddy walk through the beautiful Shropshire countryside.

Buckingham Palace - Legoland

Sarah went down to the New Forest for part 5 of her course (only one more module to go and then what?!!!) while John stayed in Worcester, took the girls shopping (we love English shops), to Legoland and then met up on Thursday outside Woking station. An overnight stay with English cooked breakfast in the morning ( … we miss English cooked breakfasts ) and we were rueing the day we moved to France … until we got home, and found our lovely house, big garden … and the weather!!! 27 degrees on Saturday and we enjoyed a barbecue on the patio … in our shorts!!!
I guess the other man’s grass is always greener (quite literally when it comes to the colour of the grass in England!) and the trick is to be happy with your lot, right here and now, whilst at the same time, having a goal to aim towards….
So if you’re feeling the onset of the winter blues, get sorting out your holiday plans for 2015 and give yourself something to look forward to….