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mardi 9 septembre 2014

Early September News

Time seems to be whizzing by....  Already early September and we close in three weeks!  The girls are all back at school and we’re getting back into a routine of school runs, and homework, and trying to maintain sensible bedtimes!  Sarah hasn't been called upon to work at the local school, which she’s slightly disappointed about, and yet relieved at the same time, although it does mean she could be asked to do supply work at any time.  She’ll be returning to the UK in a fortnight to continue with her NLP training .. so heaven help us all when she’s back!  The campsite continues to tick over nicely – lots of regulars and so many friendly campers in September, it’s probably our favourite month as we look forward to winding down and closing everything up.  The bar/restaurant are pretty busy and our traditional ‘eat-ups’ menu is always very popular! We've continued to hold our ‘Hidden Talents’ evenings which are always good fun and often reveal surprising talents… and our final live music evening with Georges, Jean and Jacques was on Monday.  
Fireworks at Chisseaux 30 August
Georges, Jean and Jacques

The Starman is coming on Tuesday – there’s been a fantastic moon (a Supermoon!) these past couple of evenings and with a stunning weather forecast for the coming week (it’s been better weather so far this month than the whole of July and August…!), we feel very lucky.  

Sarah and her motley crew of walkers !
Sarah’s last walk takes place on Friday … and we’re hoping that the ‘grape harvest’ will happen before we close, so we can go along and help with a team of willing campers! 

Next update: late September…. 

Thanks to Mick for all the photos.. mickfly@gmail.com