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lundi 11 août 2014

Mid-August news

We seem to be having quite a funny old season - we had 55 arrivals one Sunday in July and the campsite was full for a week, quite unexpectedly. Then it rained, big-time, and loads of people left. And yet last Friday night, we cooked 107 meals!!! We're still reeling from the intensity of the evening which seemed to pass in a blur of good spirits and 'bonhommie' as people squeezed up around tables in the bar, and our staff who all rallied round to help. We're very happy with our team this year - and we're enjoying working together which makes for a happy atmosphere on site. We've continued to have some excellent 'soirees' including a hilarious evening with 'Betty Boup'; and a number of Hidden Talents evenings. Say the word 'Karaoke' and it tends to elicit a groan and a rolling of eyes upwards. And yet ... we have been delighted to showcase the talents of our campers including Pamela, a wonderfully talented pianist who masquerades as an accountant ... and this week, a German harpist! It was a wonderful evening although videos of Sarah & Max performing Paradise by the Dashboard Light may appear on Facebook and confirm your worst nightmares! More to come this week - with an Indonesian 'Rijs Tafel' and live music on Monday, and the 'Starman' on Tuesday....