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vendredi 6 juin 2014

June News

At last … some real sunshine!  We've had some good weather but it’s been very changeable throughout May and we’re really looking forward to that long spell of warm dry weather we’ve come to associate with June!  That said, Sarah is still teaching and she’s says she’d rather teach in the rain than be stuck in a classroom while the sun beats down outside.  The English teacher is off until the end of term and although this is making life quite complicated on the ‘Home Front’ as the bar and restaurant are now open and we’re pretty busy on the campsite, it’s nonetheless a great experience for Sarah to be able to plan lessons in advance and get to know the classes better - and to be able to look forward to weekends and that ‘end of term’ feeling.

John seems to be managing pretty well with the campsite … and is maybe even enjoying being able to get on with managing without being hassled by his wife …!  There seems to be a really good atmosphere on site, with the team getting on well and working hard, and some really lovely campers, as ever.  Some pleasant evenings in the bar, Sarah has started her weekly walks again, and we all enjoy meeting the various characters and regulars who turn up on site, including a Dutch couple who found out they’d won the lottery while staying with us >  very exciting!!!

The pool is open, albeit very refreshing!  The honour of first in this season went to Sally Parker who earned a certificate and a t-shirt for her bravery (craziness!!)

A busy month ahead - - lots of events planned as we begin the run-up to high season.  The bookings are good so don’t leave it too late to book a pitch for the peak of the summer season (20 July through to 15 August). 
Email us on lemoulinfort@wanadoo.fr to reserve a pitch today!